Monday, 11 February 2013 14:58

            On the morning of January 29, 2013, deputies with the Millard County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a call of a suspicious person near State Road 257 in the Clear Lake area. The deputies found Steven Rex Harris, age 51, of Delta with his car stuck in the snow. Harris claimed to be checking bob cat traps. The deputies had no reason to hold him at that time. They helped Harris get his car out of the snow and he went on his way.


            After he left the area, the deputies checked the area for signs of problems. They found evidence of a large wire theft from the Union Pacific Rail Road signal line which runs parallel to the rail road tracks in the area. Evidence was also located that linked Harris to the theft.  

            The case was presented to the Millard County Attorney’s Office and charges of Theft, a third degree felony and Criminal Mischief, a second degree felony were filed. An arrest warrant was obtained from the Fourth District Court.


            On February 3, 2013, deputies learned that Harris was in a home in Delta. Millard County Sheriff’s deputies along with Adult Probation and Parole went to that home and arrested Harris on the warrant.


Safe Tip

Think carefully before buying a firearm for protection. Guns can be stolen and sold to anyone, or captured and used on you or the police. If you do own a gun, keep it locked up with the ammunition secured separately and learn how to use it safely.

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