Monday, 01 July 2013 10:58

On the evening of June 27, 2013 deputies with the Millard County Sheriff’s Office and a representative with the Department of Wildlife Resources responded to a call of a sick or injured cougar in Fillmore. When they were unable to locate it, a professional hunter with dogs trained to track mountain lions was brought in to try to find it. They were unsuccessful. The following morning, a woman went to her back yard near the center of Fillmore, to investigate dead rabbits that she thought had been killed by a fox. She found the cougar lying under her rabbit hutch. While the woman called for help, the cat moved across the street to the front porch of another home. After lying on the porch for a brief time, it moved into some bushes near the front wall of the home. Deputies and a DWR biologist responded. DWR shot and killed the cougar. The cougar was a young male that appeared to be sick and injured. It seemed to be seriously undernourished. It is believed that it came down into town to find easier food than what it could get in the mountains.


Safe Tip

Hang up immediately on obscene callers or strangers who ask questions regarding private matters. Many such callers are merely seeking an emotional response and will discontinue their harassment if you avoid a reaction of fear or anger. Chronic harassing phone calls should be reported to the Sheriff's Office.

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