Tuesday, 21 August 2012 07:15

Sheriff Dekker would like to alert local residents and businesses of a new scam affecting the county. Individuals are calling and claiming that the victims’ computers are sending error messages to them and then these individuals offer to help resolve the errors. The scammer requests to take control of the computer by having the victim download and install a software program, which can possibly be malicious in nature. The scammer then will go to the Western Union Web site on the victim’s computer where he or she will initiate a money transfer from the victim before they will offer any additional help. Note that according to its own Web site, Western Union is NOT to be used for sending money to people you do not know and once the transfer is initiated, your money will likely be unrecoverable. The scammers also have the capability to disable your computer if you do not send them any money.

Please use extra caution when an unsolicited call comes in asking you to fix your computer or requesting money. If you have received a call like this, please contact the Millard County Sheriff’s Office at 435-743-5302 or 435-864-2755.


Safe Tip

Don’t support illegal activities, like buying stolen property or using illegal drugs: it involves you in criminal activity. It also encourages more crime that hurts you and your neighbors.

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