Tuesday, 30 May 2017 21:32

At about 3:30 am on May 30, 2017, deputies with the Millard County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a family fight at a home in Hinckley.  It was reported that Michael D. Hathaway, age 36, of Hinckley got into an argument with his wife.  As the dispute progressed, Hathaway obtained a .22 caliber hand gun and threatened to kill himself.  He fired one round through the ceiling.  Hathaway then jumped out a window and ran into the darkness.

Deputies looked for Hathaway through the night.  A "Code Red" message was broadcast to the Hinckley area to provide residents of Hathaway's description, and advise that he was believed to be armed.  At daylight, more man power was added.  The area has farm fields with ditches and many out buildings.  He was not located.  During the night, Hathaway called a family member and said he was going to “shoot it out with the cops”.  Hathaway is a Utah State Prison Parolee, thereby a restricted person who may not possess a firearm.

At about 2:45 PM, the Sheriff’s Office was notified that Hathaway was back in the house.  Occupants of the house locked themselves in a bedroom.  When deputies arrived, Hathaway locked himself in a bathroom, and barricaded the door. Other family members were evacuated, and then communication with Hathaway was started.  When deputies talked Hathaway, he indicated his desire to have deputies take his life.

After some time, conversations with Hathaway seemed to be breaking down, The Utah County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and assistance from their SWAT team was requested.  Discussions with Hathaway continued, and as the first team members were arriving, Hathaway agreed to come out the bathroom and give up.  He was taken into custody without further problems.  Because of his expressed desire to die, Hathaway was taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.


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Don’t support illegal activities, like buying stolen property or using illegal drugs: it involves you in criminal activity. It also encourages more crime that hurts you and your neighbors.


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