Friday, 16 June 2017 12:33

On June 12, 2017, the Millard County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a pickup truck that had been stolen from the Scipio area. While a deputy was in route to Scipio, he was advised that a truck was on fire on I15 near Meadow and matched the description of the missing truck. When the deputy met with the owner of the truck, it was confirmed the missing truck had been destroyed by fire. The owner said he had purchased the truck a while ago and was trying to do repairs so he could license it. He said the fire was likely caused by an electrical problem he had been trying to fix. A rifle had been removed from the truck and leaned against a fence by the suspects before they took the truck.

The owner of the truck directed the deputy to a van that had been parked near the Scipio rodeo arena during the night. That van was registered to a person in Orem, Utah. It had not been reported stolen. Orem City Police Department was contacted and asked to check with the owner. Orem reported back that the owner was surprised to learn the van was in Scipio, rather than in her driveway. It had been stolen during the night. Evidence left in the van lead to the suspects being identified as 23-year-old Guy Burns of Fruitland, Utah, and 28-year-old Jacob Dudley of Orem, Utah.

While the deputy was in Scipio, he learned that someone had attempted to steal another car that was parked near the businesses in Scipio, but had failed. There was no damage to that car and nothing was missing.

While the other incidents were being investigated, a Meadow resident reported that his car had been taken from his home. The Sheriff’s Office entered that car into the national computer data base as stolen.

On June 13, 2017, the car was recovered in Las Vegas, Nevada by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Burns and Dudley were arrested. A family member of the owner has advised the Sheriff’s Office that the car was wrecked and is a total loss.

Burns and Dudley have been charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, a 2nd degree felony, two counts of Theft of a Motor Vehicle, 3rd degree felonies, and Vehicle Burglary, a class A misdemeanor. They are in custody in Las Vegas awaiting extradition back to Millard County.

We would like to remind Millard County residents to make it a practice to remove the keys and secure their vehicles.


Safe Tip

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