SPLAT April 2010
Friday, 11 June 2010 13:09

Millard County Community “Project SPLAT”

For the month of April 2010 your local CERT members are helping each Community with Disaster Preparedness & Supplies that will help each resident of Millard County be ready when a disaster comes our way.
For the month of April we will be concentrating on Communication.

1) Every residence should have an emergency “out-of-state” contact. This would be a person who can relay information from outside our state back to you and your family if you are separated.  Our local cell phones and land lines may be inoperable immediately following a disaster.  However, when those lines are up and running your long distance out-of-state may come on-line long before your local phone or in-state carriers. Once you have chosen an out-of-state contact, be sure and explain exactly what you will need them to do for you in a disaster in our area. Give them the names and phone numbers of your family and give your family members their contact info as well.

2) We will also have Ham Radio operators available around the County, however, it may take them days to get information to your family.  If you have a ham radio operator in your family, you should supply their contact information to our Hams for use in reaching them.
NOTE: If anyone in your family would like to become a Ham Radio operator, contact Jim Masner in Holden or Nyle Stott in Delta.

3) Multi-band Emergency Radios have been available for some time. Some have solar power and the ability to charge cell phones and other devices.  Make sure the frequency range matches our local area radio or TV frequencies.  Some of these radios have shortwave capabilities and also many are hand crank.  The one you choose should meet your expectations.  Remember, it may be hard to keep your battery powered radio going if our disaster lasts for many days or weeks.

4) Our CERT County Communication system also includes (except for Fillmore) three colored “flags”.  These flags were added to our CERT program about 8 yrs ago. Every household should know where their flags are and how to use them.  You should have a green, yellow (with black stripe) and red flag.  Immediately following a disaster, if everyone in your home or business is alright and your house or business has no issues that need immediate attention- Please! PLACE THE GREEN FLAG directly in sight out your front door!  However, if someone at your residence has some sort of injury (but it is NOT life threatening) or if you have damage to your home and require some help (but it is NOT life threatening)- Please! PLACE THE YELLOW FLAG directly in sight out your front door!

If you have a LIFE THREATENING INJURY or any LIFE THREATENING CONDITION such as a gas leak or someone is trapped under debris, Please! PLACE THE RED FLAG directly in sight out your front door!

Be aware! CERT membership is limited in our county and the flag system will help us respond faster  to life threatening emergencies as well as to other people in need.

If you fail to place a flag, we will check on these residences in order of suspicion. We will not assume you are injured, but rather not at home.  We realize those who live alone may be injured and cannot reach their flags.  In this instance we will look for signs to suspect someone may be injured and inside, plus that the property has sustained damage.  We will also check with your neighbors.

Whether your undamaged home or business is LOCKED or UNLOCKED, it will NOT be checked unless law enforcement makes that decision.  Law enforcement may search if you are reported missing by your family or the situation involves a hazardous material plumb.  With a Hazmat condition there may be no physical damage to property but rather poison gas in the area with the possibility of many casualties.

If your LOCKED home or business has sustained damage and we suspect someone is inside, the victim or property owner will need to grant permission to enter.  Otherwise, law enforcement will need to respond.


Safe Tip

The Millard County Sheriff’s Office continues to urge all citizens to secure their properties and to report any suspicious persons or circumstances immediately. Contact us here!

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