SPLAT August 2010
Tuesday, 10 August 2010 13:17

>>Project SPLAT<<August 2010

Cooking with FIRE is our topic this month!

Seems only natural we would follow our Rocket Stove project in July with Cooking with Fire this month. In the event of a disaster always remember the safety of yourself and those around you. If you are asked to evacuate an area – even if your home seems to be intact – the reason could be due to gas leaks, risk of explosion or fire. Please heed those warnings until the area has been deemed safe for you to return.

Regardless of where you are making your home at this time, you may be "camping" for several days or weeks. Being self_sustaining during this time, having some sense of a family unit, goes along way in helping your attitude and outlook and those of your family.

Cooking with fire requires a way to start that fire and fueling it to keep it going. For cooking you will need cookware designed to be used for this purpose, along with a few utensils, pot hooks, etc. Many of you already have Dutch ovens. For this month we will use the letter "L = Learn" (from our SPLAT acronym) by asking you to attend a free class on "Cooking with Fire," by Mr. Sid Ogden, of Oak City. This class will be taught twice in August: The first class will be at the Millard Co. Fair on Friday August 6th, 9:30am under the outdoor pavilion. He will be speaking on several ways of cooking with fire and demonstrating our "Rocket Stove" from July’s Project SPLAT.

Since interest was high, we will offer the Rocket Stove through August, for those who missed the opportunity to order one in July.

The Second Class will be at Oak City Days on Saturday, August 21st.  I recommend attending one or both classes, that way if you have a question that you forget to ask at the first demonstration, you have a second chance to talk to Sid on the 21st!

Project SPLAT is brought to you by Millard County CERT, the Millard County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Robert Dekker.

(For additional presentations on "Cooking with Fire" from Sid Ogden, please contact him directly.)

Go to millardsheriff.org then CERT for a drop down menu of Jan._July 2010 Project SPLAT fliers.




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Don’t support illegal activities, like buying stolen property or using illegal drugs: it involves you in criminal activity. It also encourages more crime that hurts you and your neighbors.

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