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SPLAT December 2010
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 08:41

December 2010 “Project SPLAT”

On behalf of the Holiday Season and the time we contact all friends and family, we will be using this month to make sure we all have an “out of state contact”.

This contact would be used in the event of a disaster when our phone communication “in state” may be cut off.  When disasters happen, there are times when our phone system can be used only for emergency communication.  In this event you will find your land line and cell phones completely useless.  However, when your service does return, your land line will have a better chance of working to contact someone out of our state, on a land line, before you can call someone just down the street.  You may think your cell phone would be a good “back-up”, however, cell phone systems quickly become overloaded and you may find yourself without communication to friends or family for weeks.

Everyone should have at least one “land line phone”, the type that plugs into your wall.  For this reason, we are asking everyone to contact someone out of state to be your “emergency contact” for your family.  You will need to instruct them that in the event of a disaster in your area, they will need to help get information from you and your family to each other.  You will need to give them all of your home, work, school  and cell phone numbers. (Remembering that the cell phones may not be working- it would be best to have a back up land-line number).  Make sure all of your family has the same emergency contact person and phone numbers as well.  When you call your out of state emergency contact person, let them know the situation, your condition, location and any other contact number you want them to have.  Remember, this system can be overloaded as well and we need to work together.  Have a practice “dry run” with your system and your contact person, make sure they understand how this should work!  Everyone will need to carry the phone numbers in a safe place such as in a wallet, purse or glove box and with them at all times.

Project SPLAT is brought to you by the Millard County Sheriff's Office, CERT and Sheriff Robert A. Dekker.


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