SPLAT March 2010
Friday, 11 June 2010 13:10

Millard County
Community  “Project SPLAT”
For the month of March 2010 your local CERT members are helping each community with Disaster Preparedness & Supplies that will help each residence of Millard County be ready when a disaster comes our way.

Project “SPLAT” stands for Store, Prepare, Learn, Assist, Train.
We will be bringing to you supplies, ideas and training we will be suggesting each month throughout the year.  You are welcome to submit ideas to the team for supplies and training which you may feel helpful for the community as well.

This month we suggest “ready to eat food” to have on hand for 1 month.
The following item ideas are for canned unless stated.

3)Pork & Beans
5)Fruit Cocktail
6)Shelf Milk
7)Granola Bars
9)Pkg’d Crackers w/ peanut butter and cheese 10)Peanut Butter
11)Canned Meat spread
12)Mandarin Oranges
13)Dinty Moore Stew
16)“Food replacement bars” such as Cliff
17)Canned Veggies
18)Cereal 19)Vienna Sausages
26)All Soups
27)Canned S&W Raisin Bread
28) Honey

The list above is suggested for disaster days when water and electricity may be hard to find, or if you need to evacuate your home due to damage. You may want to keep these items in a storage plastic tote marked “Disaster Food-Ready to Go”.  The list above is only a suggestion, you are limited only by your imagination. 

Brought to you by your local Community Emergency Response Team and the Millard Co. Sheriff Office!


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