SPLAT May 2010
Friday, 11 June 2010 13:05

Project SPLAT for May 2010: Flashlights

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The month of May 2010, “Project SPLAT” is encouraging every home to have a good quality alternative light source for when electricity is unavailable. 

Most homes have flashlights and batteries, however, in a disaster you will need these lights for many hours and many days.
If you buy batteries and throw them in the cupboard or drawer with your “other” batteries, you may have a problem in a disaster with batteries that are old and leaking or dead, or the wrong size. This could be very frustrating. Take time this month to look at your flashlights and check out the bulbs and batteries they take. Make sure you have additional on hand.

If you have camping equipment, you probably have lanterns and fuel for those.  Remember propane should NOT be used inside an enclosed area since it displaces oxygen and could cause asphyxiation.

There are many types of lights that are available for use, however the newer flashlights that use LEDs put out a brighter light.
If you want to have your hands free, you may want to get a “head-lamp” that fits on an elastic strap on your head. Then you can accomplish tasks and see up close without holding on to or trying to balance a flashlight.

If you want to light up an area or room, you can get A light created to light up the inside of a tent. They are not as bright as your home lights, but they can lighten up a room for everyone at the same time, so everyone may not need a flashlight if you place them in the rooms most occupied. Contact: OUTBACK FLASHLIGHTS to order these.

For a flashlight that is rechargeable and can be recharged and used for 100 years you may want to invest in a real good one. These are tough and will work after it is dropped or driven over.  For these check out the LA Police Gear website.

Remember: After a disaster you could be without electricity for weeks, or months.  Depending on the time of year, you could spend many mornings and evenings in the dark. Having a good dependable light source could help make these hours bearable for you and your family. 

“Project SPLAT” is brought to you by your local CERT Team!
The Millard Co. Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Dekker support CERT.


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